Shop the premier treatment for foot pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis, Sever’s Disease and Over-Pronation

Foot & Brace

The X Brace in its most simple definition is an elastic foot brace that treats foot pain. In its more technical definition, The X Brace’s patented “X” design, mimicking the effectiveness of low dye taping, eases some of the tension and stress placed on the plantar fascia ligament by limiting the amount of stretching it can do, therefore keeping it from stretching excessively and causing significant pain. The X Brace provides you with a convenient and effective solution for arch support on your terms.

The X Brace Difference

The beauty and effectiveness of The X Brace lies in its ease of use, simplistic design and its ability to address a very complex issue with incredible success. Foot pain due to Plantar Fasciitis, Sever’s Disease and Over-pronation are often caused by under-supported, over-use of the foot. The unique “X” pattern in our patented foot brace provides support and reduces arch pressure very similar to how low-dye taping works but without all the expertise, time and tape necessary. This support of the arch also helps offset over-pronation, effectively addressing what can be debilitating foot pain.


The X Brace Lifestyle

No matter what you do to take care of your body The X Brace is there to support you all the way. Our treatment protocol will have you back enjoying the life you love without the foot pain that has been holding you back.


The X Brace Versatility

The X Brace is simple, effective and fits into any lifestyle effortlessly.  Socks or shoes, no problem; literally wear The X Brace with anything.  You choose your activity, footwear or lack thereof and The X Brace will support your arch and prevent the pain.




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